Providing our customers consistently with high-quality products

We believe that quality ingredients are critical if you are going to produce a great-tasting sandwich that people are going to want to buy again and again. We use only the best quality ingredients throughout the whole range. our chicken is simply sliced, breast meat. Our eggs are all free-range and our beef is roast British topside. our cheese is mature cheddar. Our sandwich bread is possibly the best in the UK and many of our breads and rolls are made especially for us by a local artisan bakery.

Our belief in quality first extends to the way we work too. All our sandwiches are hand-made in our production unit. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene and follow strict procedures to ensure constant best practice and food safety standards are met. We have embedded environmentally friendly practices into everything we do, and we keep up to date with changes in the law relating with food labeling and allergen guidance. We always provide our customers a consistently high-quality, pre-packed sandwich.

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